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IRIS is a modular solution with several components, naturally adapting to different needs


The Dashboard

A single view, a multitude of information

The IRIS dashboard collects all the information that BMW's planner have struggled to gather and communicate with each other. Planners on the other side of the world will have the possibility to log into single plants, achieving as much depth in information on error events, as the operators which are physically present. 


Video and Sensor Kit

Sometimes seeing what happened is the only real valuable information to understand what happened. DiagnostiKIT enables us to see what would remain unseen, storing relevant video snippets of production error events, and making them available to everyone through IRIS Dashboard. Sensors and video cameras can be selected and attached to the IRIS Hub to augment information, much like hearing helps to go beyond sight alone.



Rework tracking, digitally

In-line rework has to be done fast. Still, information related to what rework was done and how much time it took has to be collected. And it takes time. PinIT enables fast and digital rework information collection and automatic connection to relevant data in IRIS.

Our Innovative Technology

Providing BMW with a complete view

IRIS is a modular solution that bridges the gap between error-occurrence and error-analysis. It enables the planners to have an always accessible and up to date pictures of the performance across the world-wide BMW's plants. Moreover, it is equipped with tools to aid in the detection and analysis of errors, to gather more information where and when it is needed.


"IRIS will decrease the time required for error recognition and resolution by 50%"

Manager Assembly Planning

The adventure will continue, stay tuned.

We believe in our solution. This is why we are planning to continue our adventure and make this project real.