“How can Saint-Gobain better serve
automotive Repair Centers?
What are the challenges of the project in Brazil?

Changing the glass of a vehicle is a complex task in itself. The scenario is even more complicated when it is necessary to supply and manage parts for a country of continental dimensions such as Brazil. 

Even though it is a project involving different stakeholders, the objective of this project was to create a way to
better serve Saint-Gobain's customers.

After studies, we focused on Repair Centers - establishments that replace vehicle glass for companies, individuals and insurance companies.

The main pains of Repair Centers
Many of Repair Centers` tasks are performed manually and in a not practical way.
Stock management, for example, in some repair centers is done using handmade notes. This type of organization is very time consuming for employees and repair center owners, because there is always a person moving to the stock to count product by product every week.
But we developed a solution. We named it as  Vigia. 
1) Wasted time in
inventory control
Paper notes take many minutes daily to update and verify.
2) Painful service
schedulling process
Appointments are also made manually and it is very painful to reschedule an appointment.
3) Uncertainty in decision
making due to lack of data
Repair Centers` owners can't seem to centralize all the notes made on paper.
Smartglass (4).png
Vigia is a mobile app that provides a management system for the main daily tasks in a repair center. When it comes to inventory management, you have the tasks of checking availability of a product, inserting a product in stock, or removing the product. In addition, this system has functionalities to facilitate other tasks of the repair center, such as scheduling, customer registration and a data dashboard, which summarizes important operational information.
"Vigia means, in Portuguese, the person who protects and is also the name of a specific vehicle glass (we were very creative)." 
With Vigia, Repair Center owners and employees will have total control of their daily tasks in the palm of their hand, such as
a) Inventory update in a few seconds.

b) Save time with the date-time availability verification from the scheduling feature.

c) Provide important data that could direct the decision-making process.
**Vigia was developed entirely in Portuguese because it was created to serve Saint-Gobain's partners and customers in Brazil.**
Making Vigia available to Repair Centers can improve services for the final customers.
Expectations about                         are very positive
Smartglass (4).png
“ I think that with this solution I will be able to abandon my notepad.”
Owner of a Repair Center
in São Paulo, Brazil
“ … it adds several functions that repair centers need to perform daily.”
project liason