Smoking + Cooling

MOGII is an outdoor cooking device that spe-

cializes in "cold smoked food".Mogii temperature is set roughly between -10 and 10 ℃, this allows range of food to be smoked when usually not possible with normal smoking methods within 15 minutes.And, modern trendsetters will further pursue cooking and discover the best part of camping within local vicinity by using Mogii. They can enjoy authentic and personalized camping food in simple steps-burning smoke chips. So,Mogii is a must-have product that will bring an unexpected surprise and excitement to your camping experience.

How to use 

Put wire mesh food tray in steel food tray

Set the glass lid




Open outer lid and

Turn on the power

Prepare food and

Put it on wire mesh food tray

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Put smoke chip in scooper

Light the smoke chip

with lighter

Set the temperature and timer

When the time pass, smoke will stop automatically


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Simple but Authentic

Mogii is easy to use device: once you light the smoke chips, you don’t need to do anything else. However, it allows you to cook authentic camp-like dishes that you would never be able to do at home.

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Explore new cooking techniques

With cold smoking at your fingertips, you can smoke foods that cannot be done with other smoking methods. There is endless possibilities of mixing appetizers and desserts with various smoked flavours creating unknown delights to bring to your next event.

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An experience that is better shared

Mogii is an unique cooking device that many other campers do not have. On your next camping trip with friends and family, you can share the taste and surprise with others, while bring entertainment for all ages.

How MOGII work
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