The final prototype was built on the needs of the different IBMers inside the Watson Center to enable them to build the best customer experience. We developed a persona for each of the four largest departments to enable full collaboration between the different teams. 

Carolin Wagner

Client Engagement Team

As a Client Engagement Leader and AI Consultant at the Watson Center, Carolin is responsible for organizing and conducting the visits in the Watson Client Center for prospects interested in AI solutions.


After 6 years of employment at IBM, she still loves learning about IBM’s technologies and knows many success stories that she is excited to share with visitors. She is passionate to show IBM capabilities to visitors and performs her job with great ambition and dedication, which makes her well appreciated by her supervisors. Visitors usually enjoy the visits led by her, and she is known as an open-minded and communicative person. Anyway, the visitors are often shy and not too enthusiastic during the first visit. For this reason, on top of conducting the tour, she really enjoys the workshops after an initial visit to the Watson Center, where she can apply her Design Thinking knowledge and work together with the prospects hands-on.



  • Preparation of client visits

  • Reliability of IBM technical experts

  • Recognition of her performance

  • Information transparency

  • Independency

  • Flexibility in her work to satisfy diverse client needs