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Remote Communication Becomes Real


our system

For Presence, we developed 2 software systems

intertwinned with mechanical engineering parts to bring remote communication into the car.

This is how Presence is used inside the car:

And this is how you can use Presence outside the car:

system overview

System Overview.jpg

implementation on the software side

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Inside the car:

  • Video call using the Zoom Video SDK

  • Automatic connection to all hardware components

    • 3 cameras

    • Speaker

    • Microphone

    • GPS sensor

  • Easy startup of the call by using a voice command

  • FaceID detection of who is entering the car

Outside the car:

  • Video call using the Zoom Video SDK

  • Overview of all cameras in the car

  • Accept or start calls easily

  • Webapp that can be used without installation

  • Overview of friends and family members currently sitting in the car

implementation on the hardware side