Steam at home

Steam is an essential part of many wellbeing-routines: ranging from thermal baths that became popular back during the Roman time, to beauticians, that use steam as a pretreatment for facial skincare rituals. It hydrates the skin, promotes blood circulation, allows deep skin cleansing, and has a relaxing and soothing effect. So steam can be used for both, wellness and beauty aspects.
An interesting needfinding result is, that while many people like steam related rituals, they usually don't have steaming devices at home. So we decided to create a portable steamer to provide a professional and spa-like skincare ritual for the private bathroom.

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Why do I need it?

Skincare has an important role in most people's self care routines and especially the face is an important focus point when it comes to beauty routines. Professional face treatments that are done by beauticians often include a facial steaming as the first step to moisturize the skin and increase its elasticity, to improve the effectiveness of the following treatments.

Cirrus is a steaming device that can be used to moisture the skin, increase blood circulation and improve adsorption. 
The product idea was based on facial steamers, however to make the product easier to use and more suitable for private bathrooms, it was designed to be portable and very intuitive.


How does it work?

Cirrus has a water tank that you can easily refill with water from your water faucet. The water in the water tank is heated with a heating element and vaporized via ultrasonic transducers. Then the steam is focused in one direction. For the energy supply a battery is included, that can be recharged via inductive charging. The charging happens while the product is on the stand/holder.

If you want to learn more about the prototyping and technical background, click the button below.

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How do I use it?

To turn the product on or off, there is a button on the handle. The produce steam it is necessary to fill the watertank, which can be done easily through opening the lid on the upper part of the steamer.

While the product is on the LEDs will light up in blue (for cold steam) and orange (for hot steam). To decide on the temperature, press the temperature button on the handle.

With the last button, it is possible to switch between three steaming modes, that provides different amounts of steam.

Use cases

The product focuses on facial skincare but it can also be used on other body parts. Since it provides moisture to the skin an example would be to use it before epilating or shaving the legs. The different temperature options make it also possible to use it to warm (f.e. for muscle relaxation) or cool down (f.e. in summer or after a sunburn).


Hot or cold steam?

Hot steam should be used as the first step of a facial skin care routine. Cold steam can be used after a facial skincare routine to refresh and cool the skin after a skincare routine. Besides that, cool steam can be used to cool or moisturize the skin on hot summer days.
Due to the design of the product, it is not possible to use cold steam if hot steam was used shortly before because the water in the water tank needs time to cool down.

What are the differences between cirrus and a normal facial steamer?

The main difference is that it is portable and therefore more comfortable to use. It doesn't have to stand on a table or be connected to an energy or water source. While facial steamers take up a lot of space, this product is easy to store and can be taken everywhere, even on vacations. The option to choose between hot and cold steam gives the user the possibility to play around and find the perfect personalized beauty routine.

Our product is designed to suit men’s beauty routines, unlike a facial steamer. Hot steam can be used before shaving your face. Cold steam can be used after shaving your face.