At home or in the store, local or global - 

the change is in your hands.

With ESGo checking the sustainability efforts of companies has never been easier.

Scan the barcode or search for the company, learn about their efforts in Environmental, Social and Governance issues and choose consciously what to buy.


Scan the product or search for a company

ESGo let you find any product or company in a tap.

Read the ESG score. Learn about the effort.

Our score gives you a deep insight into the company.
Easy to understand and clear you get the quantified score and the information related to it.

Based on this, you decide the impact you want to make.

Compare with other companies in the same industry

The product does not satisfy your perception?

You want to know more about what companies are most virtuous in their industry?

We provide all the information you need for that!

Share your findings with the community

Sharing is caring, we all know that.

Share your ideas with your peers, discuss products and get inspiration for products that are ESG compliant.

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