Linking Bonfiglioli with their clients.

Blink is a digital solution that aims at bridging the gap between clients and Bonfiglioli's technical assistance team.

Clients can easily reach out to Bonfiglioli's experts' team and get assistance in identifying the problem with their gearbox, gear motor or electric drive. 

BLINK is like having a doctor for your gearbox.


Scan your products and access them

Identify any problem through guided steps

Directly contact Bonfiglioli

Download any manual


Identify problems quickly.

Quickly troubleshoot any problem you are experiencing with Bonfiglioli products through guided steps. Insert keywords and browse our FAQs to understand what is happening with your machine. 

For personalised assistance, you can contact our experts' team 24/7

You can describe the problem via phone call or video call to our experts' team, who will help you understand the root cause of the problem and guide you to find a solution.


Guided steps

An intuitive, guided trouble shoot service to find the problem by yourself.



The solutions to the most common problems for gearboxes, gear motors, inverters, and electric drives.


24/7 Experts Assistance

A technician always at your disposal to help you quickly identify the problem and assist you in taking the next steps.

All your products
one place.

Customers can have an overview of all their products purchased.

Scan your product, add it to your products list and access it anytime you want.

Blink is a digital solution offered by Bonfiglioli, a leading Italian company with over 60 years of experience in designing and manufacturing a wide range of products, including gearboxes, gear-motors, and inverters for different machines and applications.

Blink is Bonfiglioli’s first step towards technical assistance in Industry 4.0.

Manuals at your fingertips.

Customers can quickly access the information regarding their products, without going through a lot of hassle. 

Simply insert the product’s serial number or select it from your product list, and access all technical documents and manuals directly from your phone.

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