ERoad Detection

ERoad Detection tackles the issue of potholes and monitoring road conditions.


Our Challenge

How might we design features for autonomous driving that are cool and useful that human drivers can't do?


About ERoad Detection

Pothole damages to cars amount to over 3 billion pounds in the UK alone and 3 billion USD in the US per year. Our solution tackles the problem of potholes by providing 24/7 monitoring of road conditions to increase safety on the roads, reduce repair costs  and increase driving comfort.

Zenuity is an automotive software supplier with focus on ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and AD (Autonomous Driving). With an increasing amount of ADAS enabled vehicles on the roads our team has thought of a way to make use of the systems to improve the life and work of our users.


24/7 road monitoring

Increased safety

Reduced repair costs



Potholes are detected by the car using the ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) sensors and our software.

Our Users

With ERoad Detection we tackle problems of different user groups.

customer service


Drivers are alerted of potholes on the road. This can save them from hitting potholes, thereby increasing the safety on the road and reduce the repair costs from pothole damages.

Road Construction Offices

Road construction officers can have 24/7 access to data about potholes through our website which saves the tedious and manual monitoring of roads. This enables them to react fast and send out workers to fix potholes.


Our Team

Master students from different faculties of the Technical University of Munich

Andreas Döring

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Robotics, Cognition, Intelligence



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Management and


Mitali Agarwal

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Robotics, Cognition, Intelligence



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Information Systems

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