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An autonomous vehicle that monitors crops using a camera and soil testing, integrated with a mobile app

Kansroo is a smart solution for small-scale multi-variety farmers

Our customers

Kansroo is for farmers who grow up to fifty different type of crops, have fewer than five colleagues on a farm less than ten hectares.

Our vision

Kangaroo is a complete solution. It integrates an automous vehicle that collects data about crops. The application allows farmers to view the information and schedule tasks accordingly.

Kansroo's ability to connect data with recommended action and actions taken means that its potential continues as the system learns. Kansroo would use machine learning to notice patterns and predict needs. As a data repository it can help farmers as individuals and the profession. We expect Kansroo to guide more efficient practice and inform new services and products to support farmers.


In consultation with farmers, we heard these challenges:


“I have no time... with many crops across farms, I often need to spend time travelling between them.”

“I need to ensure my crops are healthy, or otherwise I lose my income.”

“My knowledge is all in my head. I can’t delegate tasks or step away to see patterns.”

“Each of my crops have different requirements, which change with the weather and seasons.”

“I have a lot of tasks to do, but I don’t have a scheduling system.”

“I can’t remember what my crops were like this time last year...”