Our Challenge

"How might we complement the Track& Trace system into adoption of users, integration into operative processes and market acceptance"


The TRUMPF Group is a German industrial machine manufacturing company and one of the world's leading companies for machine tools, laser technology, and electronics for industrial applications.

TRUMPF embarked on the endeavor to revolutionize the sheet metal industry with the Track & Trace system, an indoor localization system for shop-floors.

Design Space

Our design space comprises of primarily the sheet metal manufacturing industry and two main stakeholder groups - the shop floor manager and the shop floor worker. 


Key Insights

During our 9-month journey we derived three key insights to tackle our challenge.


End users do not understand the functionality of a Track & Trace system and the value it creates for their company

Lack of Awareness

In a conservative industry changes often face diverse fears and require a strong and  structured change management.

Fear of Change

An abundance of data from various sources sits idle and the value of available data is often not exploited 

Unexploited Data


Our Vision

Our vision is to increase the awareness, tangibility and acceptance of the Track & Trace system for the customers, demonstrate the potential value combined with a clear, concise plan for integrating the system and provide a novel toolkit for automating routine tasks and ensuring fact-based decision-making.

Our Solution

Bringing the Revolution to your shop floor

REVO is comprised of four modules which provide sheet metal manufactures with the necessary tools and support to be successful with Track & Trace, no matter where in the journey they are!

REVO builds an awareness and understanding of the system for the user. It provides methods for implementation, change management and everyday usage of the system for smooth, flawless operation. As well as utilising the data produced by the system to the fullest for automating routine tasks


The REVOSimulator module provides customers provides customers with the opportunity to experience the functionalities and benefits of Track & Trace through a virtual platform.

Customers can experience and evaluate the system from the comfort of their own desk, without needing to contact TRUMPF in the first place.

Future system improvements can be tested and evaluated easily with end users before any investment is made.

The REVOExperience module introduces the customer to the physical aspects of the Track & Trace system. 

They are presented with the REVOExperience interactive physical model. Moving the forklift around the factory floor (on the model!), tracking individual markers, holding a real marker in their hand as it responds to the evolving situation on the board - The realistic table-top model brings a visceral, immersive experience to the customer.

The REVOChange module guarantees the manager support before, during and after the decision to invest in Track & Trace is made. 

The primary objective of REVOChange is the smooth implementation of the system without leaving anybody behind. Everyone involved will be able to recognize the benefits of the system. Processes are implemented and changed easily, and the customer receives the highest level of support throughout.

The REVOtasks module provides an intuitive and novel method for utilising the data produced by the Track & Trace system. "Trigger" events with corresponding "actions" can be quickly and easily set up, allowing for data-driven decision making and an automated workflow.


Who We Are

TRUMPF has teamed up with four students from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany and four students from Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland to tackle the challenge




















Design Thinking Team 2019/2020

Trinity College Dublin and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

in cooperation with TRUMPF

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