We designed Habitual for people with Narcolepsy.


Habitual empowers people with narcolepsy to understand their condition, manage their lifestyle and participate in society on their terms.


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Narcolepsy is a neurodegenerative condition where the brain is 

unable to regulate sleep phases. For people with narcolepsy, there 

are numerous other severe symptoms to try to make sense of.  Like EDS, Cataplexy, Sleep Paralysis and many more.


Narcolepsy is treated by a combination of medications and adopting behavioural changes and better lifestyle habits such as sleep hygiene, exercise and diet. As narcolepsy is so diverse and each person’s experience so varied, the challenge for many people with narcolepsy and their specialists is to understand their condition and how the various symptoms and lifestyle factors correlate.

Habitual, your Narcolepsy companion.

Our vision is that Habitual will enable people with narcolepsy to learn about their individual condition and understand how their symptoms, medications and other factors correlate with each other. With regular use, they will be able to use the tracked data to adapt their lifestyles, schedules and habits better. In future, we hope Habitual will be invaluable to people with narcolepsy by providing

a system that can be used in multiple ways to provide benefits both immediate and over the longer term.


Test out our Prototype

How Habitual works for people with narcolepsy
Click on the red arrows to find out how

Please use Lucy1994 in the username to see the app with pre-filled data


fill the username with your name and click log in

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