We designed Habitual for people with Narcolepsy.


Habitual empowers people with narcolepsy to understand their condition, manage their lifestyle and participate in society on their terms.


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Project Details


The challenge:

How might we support people

living with narcolepsy to predict

& manage their condition?

What is narcolepsy?

Narcolepsy is a neurodegenerative condition where the brain is 

unable to regulate sleep phases. For people with narcolepsy, there 

are numerous other severe symptoms to try to make sense of.  Like EDS, Cataplexy, Sleep Paralysis and many more.


Narcolepsy is treated by a combination of medications and adopting behavioural changes and better lifestyle habits such as sleep hygiene, exercise and diet. As narcolepsy is so diverse and each person’s experience so varied, the challenge for many people with narcolepsy and their specialists is to understand their condition and how the various symptoms and lifestyle factors correlate.

Habitual, your Narcolepsy companion.

Our vision is that Habitual will enable people with narcolepsy to learn about their individual condition and understand how their symptoms, medications and other factors correlate with each other. With regular use, they will be able to use the tracked data to adapt their lifestyles, schedules and habits better. In future, we hope Habitual will be invaluable to people with narcolepsy by providing

a system that can be used in multiple ways to provide benefits both immediate and over the longer term.



We have found that with regular tracking, you can see how your condition correlates with your medication, your lifestyle and most importantly the impact on your sleep. As narcolepsy is so diverse,  with Habitual people with narcolepsy can track their specific symptoms. We understand how daily tracking may be a burden. Therefore we have created questionnaires which provide a holistic view of the most common narcolepsy symptoms. A key feature is that people with narcolepsy can choose what time of day they would like to track so that they can optimise their energy, and the app can adapt to their lifestyle. The tracking features will be fully customisable. Therefore you only track what matters to you.

My Data 

One of the most powerful potential benefits to the user will be the insights they can gain from the tracked data. My data will provide correlations between the tracked data in a way that would reflect the patterns and trends between various parameters such as their symptoms and habits. In addition, we also developed ways to merge the data into aggregated indices and support other state-of-the-art medical scores based on the knowledge we gained from desk and user research. This will enable the user to manage their condition better as they will be able to easily see the impact and effect of changes in medication dosage, sleep patterns, exercise routines, diet changes and much more.


Behavioural changes are a fundamental

part of managing narcolepsy. Habitual is

a platform aimed at helping people with narcolepsy to understand and learn how

their narcolepsy affects them. Therefore, 

programs such as managing sleep hygiene, setting a daily routine and adapting important factors such as diet and exercise are integral to building and managing a unique routine and schedule for each person. Finding the right information is not a trivial task. Habitual will incorporate various sources of verified information and programs which are tailored towards managing narcolepsy.

By having more control over their symptoms, Habitual will enable and empower people with narcolepsy to do more of the things

they love and live life on their terms.


As visits to health care professionals and specialists are often infrequent and take place either annually or

bi-annually, many people with narcolepsy usually rely on a subjective recollection of the facts. It can, therefore, be highly biased based on their current mood and can often lead to unreliable information

and cause frustration for both patient and practitioner in the management of the conditions. We discussed these concerns with numerous practitioners and

sleep specialists and developed Habitual to combine the tracked data into a report that can provide a meaningful summary of the person’s symptoms and management over a longer period of time. This report is customisable so that the user can specify what data is needed to show their physician. Our vision is that This report will facilitate better conversations between patient and practitioner. The practitioner can now gain knowledge about the past of the patient faster and spend the time to focus on the future.


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How Habitual works for people with narcolepsy
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