Digital Initiative for Comprehensive Education

"Education Beyond Classrooms"

Solving for low enrollment rate in government schools, by creating seamless digital learning experiences that transcend beyond classroom and schools. We build ambitions to create communities and help parents to be a part of their child’s educational journey.

The Challenge:

"To address the problem of low enrollment rates of students in the MCGM schools"

Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai

Too many children

As the number of members in low-income families grows, the value of education shrinks.

First time in school

First-generation learners are overwhelmed by the concept of education.

Home chores

Kids are compelled to take responsibilities at home at a very young age which leads to discontinuation from education. 

On the move

Constant relocation of parents with low wage jobs leads to discontinuation from education.

General Illiteracy

Parents wish to pass on the same experience which they had during their schooling.

Lack of Interest

The incompetence of schools in delivering good results creates a perception in parents that their kid is not interested in it.

No Single Platform

Using multiple platforms for different users creates confusion or drop in interest

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