Our Sponsor-Lipor

LIPOR - Intermunicipal Waste Management Service of Greater Porto - is a public entity that manages, recovers, and treats the municipal waste produced in eight municipalities of the Greater Porto Area

To know more visit their website https://www.lipor.pt/en/


Our Product

With the purpose of improving citizen participation in food waste sorting, we decided to create an app that allows you to receive points, which can then be converted into rewards, every time you throw away your trash just by passing an RFID card near the sensor placed in the container.

"I think the use of rewards to convince people to sort their food waste is a good idea"

"I think controlling access is a good idea since it prevents people from throwing anything into the container" 

"I like the fact that I can see my progress o the app, it makes sorting the waste more fun"


User feedback

Meet The Team


Gonçalo Oliveira

Studied Product Design at ESAD in Porto. Joined ME310 to learn expand his knowledge about other areas by working in a team based environment

João Figueiredo

graduated in 2018, at ISCAP  in Porto and he has a BA Degree in International Trade.  Through this BA, he has set a ground towards achieving in-depth knowledge of the field of management in commercial departments and international markets.

 Katarzyna Wojdalska

Currently: M.Sc. (Tech.) in Chemical, Biochemical and Materials Engineering @Aalto | BE in Nanotechnology @GUT | Passionate about new technologies, travelling  and public speaking

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