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What is Nemea?

With our solution, private customers receive a recommendation of individually relevant insurance products based on their life situation in comparison to other persons living in Switzerland by answering a short and engaging quiz. The target group of our solution are primarily young people who do not have much experience with insurance.


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Advantages for the customer


Recommendation of personally relevant insurance policies, based on the insurance data of people who are in the same life situations and have similar characteristics


Explanations of the recommended insurances adapted to the user

Link to Online


Link to Generalis online purchasing platform in order to provide an omnichannel sales tool


Contact to insurance consultant near them via various channels, such as phone, e-mail or Skype

Advantages for the consultant


The consultant can use the tool as an interaction tool to facilitate the start of a consultation


Consultants have the possibility to help potential new customers to get started and to establish a consulting relationship


Access via CRM system to analyzed data on customer (groups) visualised on a timeline along key life moments and recommended products

Our Concept

Our concept does not only consist of the Nemea app, but of a holistic Nemea environment to offer customers a unique experience and accompany them along their user journey

 We envision the additional functions (Nemea contract details, claims simulator, packages) with the supporting functions (Café Generali, Blog & Events) to be part of this concept.


Our final prototype is on findings from previous prototypes. This is first and foremost, the “recommender” which supports people in finding the right insurances with a personal dashboard. The other significant prototype was “buddy tinder” of which the suggestion for a specific consultant is derived from. We learned that giving our customers guidance is a very important need regarding picking the right insurances. A sense of objectivity is key to creating a trust among customers during consultation. Another learning that we took from out many interviews is that we should try to break the stereotype of boring insurances and approach the topic from a different point of view. This is especially relevant to make the topic interesting for young and inexperienced people, i.e. our main target group.

User functionality

Contract Details

The recommendation logic used in NEMEA X to give users an overview of which insurances they need in their life situation represents our main USP. This can be used in a next step of the user journey, when users continue to the online purchase channel. Based on our data base we can tell them which contract clauses and coverages they need for their life situation based on the comparison with peers. In the mystery shoppings we did, we witnessed that the clarification of all the little contract details can be a very tiresome and time-consuming procedure. Therefore, offering a personalized recommendation for contract details and even providing them with almost finished templates can bring big value to our persona Lena.

As a next step in our customer journey, users are presented with the possibility to buy insurance product bundles, so-called packages. This means, after having decided which insurance they need (Nemea X) and which contract details that encompasses (Nemea contract details), they can buy individual product combinations according to their needs. For users, this translates the need for simplicity. Looking beyond our current targeted persona, new market segments could be an interesting opportunity for packages. For instance, expats (also a persona of ours, who isnew to Switzerland, needs insurances but does not have a lot of knowledge on the Swiss insurance system) could benefit from an “expat package” and Generali position itself strageically as the insurance company for expats. On the other hand, consultants can build on the recommended packages making it easier to recommend certain products.


User functionality

User functionality

Blog & Events

The inclusion of Blogs and Events in our overall concept of NEMEA serves two purposes. On the one hand, it should drive Generali towards a future where insurance consultation focuses more on life situations, events and key moments and less on products. In our prototype “Insurance Keynote” we heard for example that it could make a lot of sense to offer informational events for people expecting their first child and what that means for them in terms of insurances and contracts. Or a blog entry about what to look out for when moving into your own first appartment could be helpful for young students. On the other hand, it will complement our SEO strategy. This means that people will also find their way onto NEMEA when searching for topics centering around their life situation.

We heard in many of our interviews that the claims process has a big impact on how the interaction of a customer with an insurance company is perceived. This also greatly influences the consultation process and how the consultants work. Some of them even offer to take care of all the claims of their customers because they know it is quite complicated and stressful. The claims simulator will be designed to help customers make a better informed decision on the one hand and know how to proceed when a claim happens on the other hand. The idea is to have information portrayed in interactive decision trees to show two things. First, which claims are covered in a certain insurance policies. And second, which actions customers have to take should a claim happen. This can also address the need of uncertainty of customers who most of the time are not sure what is all covered under policy. 

Claims Simulator

User functionality

Supporting functionality

Café Generali

Looking a bit further into the future of Nemea, we envision a place for customers to spontaneously to meet with consultants to have their questions answered or to have a non-binding consultation. The Café Generali, as we presented at our booth during the Winter Presentations in Karlsruhe, is a place for people to relax and pass by unprompted. Offering both the consultants and customers new means of physical interaction, will boost Generali’s visibility. Within Café Generali Nemea X can be used as a first check-in before a consultation.


“That's really convenient. In the beginning I didn't know anything about insurance, now I know which ones come into question for me.” 

—  Robin S., Customer —

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